Energy auditing is highly relevant to the industry, with energy costs accounting for more than 60% of the manufacturing cost of the final product.

JAMCEM Consulting has developed an energy auditing process specifically for the cement industry, focusing on both the equipment that is used for the manufacture of cement as well as the way in which the cement plant is being operated.

Many countries have imposed mandatory limits on fuel and power consumption and with tightening legislation around the world, the CO2 costs relating to the use of fuel in the manufacture of clinker increase the cost of production.
JAMCEM believes that prior to investing in new equipment to solve process issues, the plant should undergo process testwork and data analysis to fully understand the root cause of the underperformance of the plant and to identify low cost, implementable solutions.
The starting point of the Energy Audit is based around the JAMCEM Performance Analysis and Diagnostics System (PADS) which results in a gap analysis between the actual performance and the specific targets based information such as the plant raw materials, process type, by-pass use and cement types produced.

The second phase is the site visit, where a team of experts completes the full set of process testwork and equipment inspections, works with the customer site team in evaluating the process material samples that are taken and interacts with the site team in identifying the viability of potential solutions.

JAMCEM has completed a number of energy audits in the MENA region and has recently been placed on the list of Recommended Companies to perform Energy Audits in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi Energy Efficiency Centre.

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