Benchmarking against global standards does not help a cement manufacturer truly understand how well they are performing. In order to properly assess performance, JAMCEM Consulting has developed a report called PADS – Performance Analysis and Diagnostics System.

Customers submit their plant performance data to PADS and an assessment of areas of strong and weak performance are identified within the PADS report that is produced. The unique system compares the actual plant performance with specific plant performance targets, instead of comparing performance to broader global benchmarks.

PADS takes into account the local circumstances of the plant such as raw materials, milling and pyro-processing systems used, volatiles by-pass use and cement types produced to develop specific targets for the plant, which can be met through process optimisation. The system focuses on seven key areas:
  • Kiln throughput
  • Kiln fuel consumption
  • Power consumption
  • Quality
  • Reliability and maintenance cost
  • Labour productivity
  • Environment
As well as developing the targets and presenting a gap analysis of the actual performance compared to the site specific targets, specific recommendations for improvement are made. PADS is delivered in a highly cost effective manner, as no site visit is required. It is the ideal starting point for a process audit, an energy audit or simply for identifying the next areas within the operations on which to focus resources. For more information contact

Come and see us at the AUCMB Conference in Cairo in November 10th to 12th where we will be presenting our paper “Optimisation of volatiles bypass systems”.

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